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Research Projects

The IRF is engaged in several research projects funded by the European Commission and the Austrian government. These projects involve a wide range of key technologies, from automated information extraction through automated image analysis and adaptive user interfaces to machine translation.

The IRF is a member of AARIT, CLARIN, FlareNetOCG and SEACOOP.


Image Mining for Patent Exploration

This project aims at making the information contained in patent drawings (block diagrams, flow charts, time plots...) accessible in an automated way. This will lighten the workload of patent experts who currently must analyze patent images manually.

LarKC - The Large Knowledge Collider

The Large Knowledge Collider project will remove the scalability barriers of currently existing reasoning systems for the Semantic Web.



The EU COST action MULTILINGUAL AND MULTIFACETED INTERACTIVE INFORMATION ACCESS explores innovative frameworks to empower synergies from disparate research fields within the context of patent search and other next generation Web applications.


Service Detective

The aim of the Service Detective project is to make Web Services available to potential consumers in a similar way as static Web documents are made available to users by current state-of-the-art search engines.



The project Patent Language Translations Online addresses the increasing need for cross-language translation services due to the rising demand in the patent domain (applications, oppositions, and infringement lawsuits).



Promise Logo

Participative Research labOratory for Multimedia and Multilingual Information Systems is a recently started European Network of Excellence with IRF participation.

Gate Teamware

GATE Teamware is a web-based application that delivers functional components to the desktop for users of the GATE text analytics software. This application can be used free of charge by IRF members. 




The project MEDICAL INFORMATION ANALYSIS AND RETRIEVAL (Khresmoi) aims to develop a multi-lingual multi-modal search and access system for biomedical information and documents. 


Statistical Machine Translation

The IRF is experimenting with tailoring phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) engines to the specifics of the patent domain.

Leonardo - Workflow Management

The IRF is working on the development of a scientific workflow system. Leonardo will be a freely available, open source application framework that enables the research and development of innovative information retrieval software and related services.