2011 | 03 | 23

Image Mining for Patent Exploration

The IRF participates to a research project that aims at making the information contained in patent drawings accessible in an automated way. 


2011 | 02 | 21

Google Student Travel Grant IRF Conference 2011

In cooperation with Google the IRF will provide 6 student travel grants for the upcoming conference in June 


2011 | 02 | 07

Enabling 21st Century Healthcare by Advanced Informatics

Allan Hanbury will present the KHRESMOI project at the workshop on "Enabling 21st Century Healthcare by Advanced Informatics", a satellite meeting of the European Human Genetics Conference 2011, on Friday the 27th of May.


2011 | 01 | 31 

New Prototype available: PatMedia

PatMedia is a Hybrid Retrieval Engine for patent multimedia content developed at the Informatics and Telematics Institute. It is capable of retrieving patent figures by combining visual and textual information. 


2011 | 02 | 07

Master Course @ University of Klagenfurt

In the coming semester IRF senior scientist Allan Hanbury will teach a course on IR


2011 | 01 | 25

Khresmoi Discussion Group launched

Join the Khresmoi discussion about quality of health related online information @ linkedin


2011 | 01 | 24

The 9th IRF-TUWIEN Doctoral Seminar

Date: 3 February 2011


2010 | 12 | 02

Project KHRESMOI: First newsletter

The first project newsletter has just been released. It covers the Kick-Off Meeting in October and presents multiple expectations and challenges, expressed by the representative of the European Commission, the advisory board, and the project coordinators.


2010 | 12 | 01

The 8th IRF-TUWIEN Doctoral Seminar

Date: 9th December 2010


2010 | 11 | 05


7-9 June 2011 Vienna University of Technology


2010 | 10 | 31

IRFC 2011 Call For Papers

After a successful start in 2010 the 2nd Information Retrieval Facility Conference 2011 provides once again a multidisciplinary scientific forum for researchers in Information Retrieval and related areas. Furthermore, the conference aims at bringing young researchers into contact with the industry at an early stage. Another emphasis is put on the applicability of IR solutions to real industry cases and the respective challenges. A panel of experts from both academia and industry will discuss the relevance of the presented papers for current challenges faced by information professionals at the end of the conference.


2010 | 10 | 28

Winner of the ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge

Jana Machajdik, Allan Hanbury, Julian Stöttinger: Understanding Affect in Images.


2010 | 10 | 15

Meet the IRF

The IRF will take part in several events and exhibitions until the end of this year: ICIC, CIKM, R&D Leaders Forum, AARIT Convention


2010 | 10 | 01

Experimental Evaluation in Visual Information Retrieval

The new book is edited by H. Müller, P. Clough, Th. Deselaers and B. Caputo and includes an article by Allan Hanbury, the IRF's senior researcher.


2010 | 09 | 28

The 7th IRF-TUWIEN Doctoral Seminar

Date: 14 October 2010


2010 | 09 | 10 

IRF Scholarship Erasmus Master Programme in Data Mining and Knowledge Management

awarded to Ms. Monica Ponoran.


2010 | 09 | 06

IRF @ CLEF Conference 20-23 September 2010, Padua

Allan Hanbury, Senior Scientist at the IRF, will give a presentation and be part of the panel "PROMISE for Experimental Evaluation". Florina Piroi, Postdoc Research Assistant, and John Tait, Chief Scientific Officer, have co-organized this year's CLEF-IP evaluation track.


2010 | 08 | 30

Kick-off Meeting KHRESMOI project 12-13 October 2010

Funded under the 7th EU framework programme the project "Knowledge Helper for for Medical and Other Information users" starts with 1 September 2010. The Kick-off Meeting will take place on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 October in Vienna, in the building of the Vienna Society of Physicians, Frankgasse 8, 1090 Vienna.


2010 | 07 | 25

IRF participates in TheHarvestingDay project of FlaReNet

The harvesting day is a day in which a robot collects Basic Metadata Description (BAMDES) describing resources and tools, as published at their web sites.


2010 | 07 | 19

SIGIR 2010 - IRF booth

Session on Test Collections 7A: Thursday, 22 July 2010, 9:00-10:15
Chair: John Tait, Chief Scientific Officer, IRF


2010 | 07 | 15

EU Commission proposes translation arrangements for future EU Patent

The Commission puts a special focus on patent translation and has prepared a proposal for a Council Regulation on translation arrangements for European patents. Research project PLuTO, in which the IRF partners with DCU, ESTeam, Crosslanguage, and WON, is specifically mentioned in the official text of the proposal from the Commission to the Council.


2010 | 07 | 06

IRF Conference, Symposium and Strategic Seminar 2010 Review

The Imperial Riding School Vienna was home of the 1st IRF Conference, the Strategic Seminar and the 3rd IRF Symposium from 31 May to 4 June 2010.


2010 | 07 | 06

IRF Survey on Patent Search Behavior

The survey conducted by Leif Azzopardi, Hideo Joho and Wim Vanderbauwhede (University of Glasgow, UK) and commissioned by the IRF is now available online.


2010 | 07 | 05

CLEF-IP 2010 submission closed

Out of 21 participants, 12 have finally submitted. There are 25 runs submitted to the Prior Art Candidate Task and 26 runs to the Classification Task. Evaluation results will be made available on 25 July 2010.


2010 | 07 | 05

18th Summer School on Image Processing

Allan Hanbury will hold a lecture on "Morphological Watershed Segmentation" at the Summer School on Image Processing in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on the 11 July 2010.


2010 | 06 | 24

New Publication: Advances in Multidisciplinary Retrieval

This book constitutes the proceedings of the First Information Retrieval Facility Conference, IRFC 2010, held in Vienna, Austria, in May 2010.


2010 | 06 | 15

Report AsPIRe'10 Workshop

The AsPIRe Workshop was held on Sunday, 28 March in conjunction with ECIR 2010 in Milton Keynes, UK. A report has just been published in SIGIR Forum, June 2010, Volume 44 Number 1.


2010 | 06 | 08

Workshop on Multimedia Indexing

Allan Hanbury will be a member of the panel for the discussion on Thursday the 24 June 2010 at the 8th International Workshop on Multimedia Indexing (CBMI) in Grenoble, France.


2010 | 05 | 19

PaIR 2010 Workshop Call for Papers

The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management scientists as well as Patent Retrieval experts from industry to study the next generation of patent search tools. The PaIR workshop is collocated with CIKM, Toronto, CA, and will take place on 26 October 2010. Submission deadline extended: 3 July 2010, 23:59, Apia Samoa Time (i.e. when Sunday is over all across the Globe)


2010 | 05 | 07

IRF partners in European project: Patent Language Translations Online

Starting with 1 April 2010 the IRF is participating in the European Project PLuTO. The kick-off meeting was successfully held at the IRF office on 5-6 May 2010, where in addition to the project partners, members of the European Commission and the European Patent Office (EPO) were present. The project plan for the next three years was fixed.


2010 | 04 | 30

IRF at PIUG Annual Conference 2010

At this year's PIUG meeting in Baltimore John Tait, Scientific Officer, IRF, presents: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Patent Search Systems".


2010 | 04 | 25

IRF presentation at KnowRight2010

Florina Piroi, Postdoc Research Assistant, IRF, speaks about "Evaluation campaigns in patent retrieval at IRF" on 6 May 2010.


2010 | 04 | 10

New Master Programme in Data Mining and Knowledge Management

The IRF is happy to announce its participation in the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Data Mining and Knowledge Management and will provide one scholarship for an excellent student. Deadline to apply for a scholarship for both EU students and scholars is: 25 April 2010, 12:00 GMT.


2010 | 03 | 18

Presentation of PLuTO

For the first time the Patent Language Translations Online (PLuTO) project will be presented to the public at the Language Technology Days (22-23 March 2010) organised by Unit E1, DG Information Society & Media of the European Commission, in Luxembourg.


2010 | 03 | 16

Colour and Emotion in Images

The IRF senior scientist Allan Hanbury will give a talk on "Colour and Emotion in Images" (in French) at the Seminar on Mathematical Morphology, Structure and Connections, to be held on 2 April 2010 at the ESIEE Paris.


2010 | 03 | 10

Presentations at the IRF Conference, 31 May 2010, Vienna

We are pleased to announce the list of accepted papers.


2010 | 03 | 05

CLEF-IP 2010 - Call for Participation

Evaluating Information Retrieval Techniques in the Intellectual Property Domain. After an interesting and rewarding first year, the Intellectual Property evaluation campaign (CLEF-IP) continues in 2010 as a benchmarking activity of the forthcoming "Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation", CLEF 2010.


2010 | 02 | 12

Teams for PatOlympics announced

To foster the interaction between system developers and information professionals we invite you to experience an innovative and very athletic competition:


2010 | 02 | 03

James Boyle confirmed as IRF Symposium 2010 keynote speaker

James Boyle, co-founder of Creative Commons and Science Commons, and one of the most influential creative thinkers and expert of Intellectual Property (IP) in the information society, is the keynote speaker at the 3rd IRF Symposium 2010 in Vienna, Austria.


2010 | 02 | 03

IRF Keynote at ICT Technology Transfer Conference

On 16 March 2010, IRF Chief Scientific Officer John Tait and IRF Executive Chairman Francisco Eduardo De Sousa Webber are invited as keynote speakers at the ICT Technology Transfer Conference in Vienna.


2010 | 02 | 01

IRF Studentship

The scholarship for 2010 - 2013 has been granted to Parvaz Mahdabi.