Dynamic and motivated research groups, from academia or industry, are invited to participate in the second PatOlympics - an interactive prototype evaluation class, organized in conjunction with the 4th IRF Symposium in Vienna (Austria) on 8 June 2011.
This half-day event will provide an interactive evaluation platform where prototypes of state-of-the-art patent retrieval systems will be tested and driven to their limits by patent retrieval professionals. Participants will be able to interact with the experts, demonstrate the power and flexibility of their prototype and compete with other participants for the medals of the PatOlympics.
The 2011 PatOlympics have two PatSports: ChemAthlon and Cross-Language Retrieving. Participating groups can register to either one or both of the sports. For more information about the event and how to participate, please contact: m.lupu *at*


  • 10 January 2011 – Manifestation of interest
  • 22 March 2011 – Confirmation of participation
  • 8 June 2011 - PatOlympics




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