Vision & Mission


The IRF is

  • a leading research institute in the field of Information Retrieval
  • embedded in a thriving partner network from academia and industry
  • fostering communication between researchers and end-users
  • identifying topics relevant for professional Information Retrieval
  • providing an open technical infrastructure for large scale experiments
  • channelling research results from various institutions to address the identified challenges


Mission Statement

The IRF promotes and facilitates cutting-edge industry-related research in Information Retrieval by identifying and addressing challenging topics through dialogue between academia and industry, communication of these topics to its members, and providing infrastructure for large scale experimentation.

The IRF in figures

  • More than 250 members worldwide
  • € 1.5 million EU grants acquired in 2010
  • 19 million multilingual patents standardized in XML format
  • Over 1 billion web pages in 10 languages
  • 240 TB primary high speed storage
  • 3 international symposia organized in Vienna since 2007
  • Over 30 scientific publications since 2009