TREC Chemistry Track

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Based on the important progresses made in information retrieval (IR) in terms of theoretical models and evaluations, more and more attention has recently been paid to research in domain specific IR, as evidenced by the organisation of Genomics and Legal tracks in TREC. Now is the right time to carry out large scale evaluations on chemistry datasets in order to promote the research in chemical IR in general and chemical patent IR in particular. Accordingly, we organize a chemical IR track in TREC in order to address the challenges in chemical and patent IR. We will provide a test collection consisting of full-text chemical patents from the IRF and research papers from several publishers (see below). The aim is to identify how current IR methods adapt to text containing chemical names and formulas. Without making it a prerequisite, we encourage participants to use entity identification methods to extract and index chemicals. The evaluation process will be a combination of the pooling/sampling/expert evaluation approach frequently used in TREC and an automatic evaluation method based on references in patent documents.

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The 2010 TREC-CHEM data collection is very similar to the one of 2009, but larger. Chemical patent documents come from the MAREC collection and include all patent documents classified in category C or A61K of the International Patent Classification codes (IPCs). The total number of documents in this set is approximately 2million.



The IRF organized a chemical IR track in TREC in collaboration with University College London and York University Canada, and with the support of the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) in order to address the challenges in chemical and patent IR.