We seek three kinds of papers in one or more topics mentioned below:

  1. papers on novel, unpublished research
  2. papers on novel technology in development or new on the market
  3. papers on industry/business user needs that are still unanswered by existing solutions


  • IR Theory and Models
  • IR Evaluation
  • User Modeling, Personalization and Interactive IR
  • Machine Learning, Categorization, Clustering, and Filtering for IR
  • Cross-Language IR
  • Visualization of Search Results
  • Ontologies
  • Reasoning
  • Semantic Annotation
  • Information Extraction and Summarization
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Machine Translation
  • Question Answering
  • Patent Analytics
  • Scientific Paper Search
  • Biomedical Information Search
  • Enterprise Search
  • Web Search

Multi-disciplinary papers combining topics from multiple areas are particularly welcome. All paper submissions must be written in English following the LNCS author guidelines


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