TU Vienna: Domain-Specific Information Retrieval

183.578 - Seminar aus Medieninformatik, 2011

The Domain Specific IR seminar introduces the students to the problems that IR methods face when confronted with specific issues of certain commercially very important areas. In particular, the focus will be on the Bio-Medical/Healthcare and the Patent domains.

The Seminar consists of 12 2-hour units, including 9 lectures, 1 invited speaker lecture and 2 sessions for student presentations. Students are invited to chose a report topic at the beginning of the Seminar and present it in the last two units, in June.

University Klagenfurt: Selected Topics in Interactive Systems

Master Course 2011

IRF senior researcher Allan Hanbury is going to teach a course on Selected Topics in Interactive Systems at the University of Klagenfurt this summer semester. For more information please refer to the course pages.

IRF - TU Vienna Doctoral Seminar

Since 2009 the IRF collaborates with the Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems of the Vienna University of Technology offering a joint doctoral seminar. Please follow the IRF news for announcements and updates.