Service Detective


The Service Detective project is about making web services available to potential customers in a similar way as static web documents are made available by current state-of-the art search engines. Based on a focused web service crawler, web services will be automatically detected and related information will be retrieved. The search results are then clustered into categories according to the detected feature sets.

The Service Detective project is funded under the FIT-IT programme of the Austrian FFG.


  • Automatic discovery of web services – build a semantic service crawler
  • Identify and aggregate service-relevant information on the Web - Automatic generation of service descriptions from various input sources
  • Build meaningful clusters of services.

Expected Outcome

The Service Detective project will deliver a search engine that enables users to find dynamical information on available web services, by automated crawling and analysis techniques. The search engine will leverage available information and semantic annotations of the services allow for a more accurate retrieval. Finally, web services are clustered in a meaningful way.


This project started on April 1st, 2009 and is planned to end in October 2011.

Project Partners

University of Innsbruck, STI2 , the Semantic Technologies Institute (coordination)
Seekda GmbH


Service Detective (for more information about methods and findings, as well as publications).