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The CLEF-IP track was launched by the IRF in 2009 to evaluate IR techniques for cross-lingual patent retrieval. In 2011, it will be part of the CLEF Conference as a benchmarking activity.

The track utilizes a data collection of patent documents derived from EPO sources, covering English, French, and German patents.


The TREC-CHEM evaluation campaign aims at creating a reference collection for chemical information retrieval engines, usable to both academics and members of the industry for evaluating their own systems or third party systems that they intend to invest in.

In 2011 the IRF will co-organize for the third time the chemical track at TREC.

IR Evaluation

The IRF promotes the evaluation of research and development in Information Retrieval by:

  • providing an infrastructure for the testing and evaluation of information retrieval systems
  • creating test-corpora employed for benchmarking purposes
  • (co-) organizing evaluation campaigns