Search Tips

Solr Syntax


If you are familiar with lucene query syntax, solr is basically the same with the following exceptions:

  • Pure negative queries (all clauses prohibited) are allowed.
  • A * may be used for either or both endpoints to specify an open-ended range query.

Queries are always performed in a a field. if you don't specify a field explicitly the default field is used.

Goal syntax examples  
Search Term any string leonard, leonard cohen  
Search Phrase "any string " "leonard cohen"  
Proximity Search "any string "~range "leonard cohen"~10 searches leonard and cohen within 10 words of each other
Search in Specific field fieldname:querystring artist:"leonard cohen", artist:leonard, artist:(leonard cohen)  
Wildcard Search *, ? query=leo* matches leo, leonard, leopard, leopold, ...
Range Search [start TO end] year:[2001 TO 2009]  
Fuzzy Search ~ cohen~ to match terms similar in spelling like cohen, coen,..
Boolean Queries AND OR NOT + - paul AND auster  



Basic Fields

Field Description Examples
id ucid EP-1162309-A1
relpath Relative path to document (incl. name itself) EP/000001/16/23/09/EP-1162309-A1.xml
fam Family ID 3490414
pn Publication Number EP-1162309-A1 EP 1162309 A1 EP1162309A1
pd Publication Date 20011212
pdyear Publication Year 2001
an Application Number EP-01890121-A EP 01890121 A EP01890121A
ad Application Date 20010425
adyear Application Year 2001
pri Priority AT-43100-U AT 43100 U AT43100U 20000609
prid Earliest Priority Date 20000609
pridyear Earliest Priority Year 2000
ic International Class (IPC) E E01 E01B E01B0027 E01B002700 E01B27 E01B27/00
E E01 E01B E01B0027 E01B002712 E01B27 E01B27/12
ecla European Class (might not be correct in this version of MAREC)  
ttl_<la> Title in language <la> Verfahren und Maschine zur Unterstopfung eines Gleises
pcit Patent Citation Number(s) (full number) GB-2151675-A GB 2151675 A GB2151675A
US-4596193-A US 4596193 A US4596193A
ncit Non-Patent Citation  
aplstd Standardized Applicant Name FRANZ PLASSER BR BAHNBAUMASCHI AT
aplname Applicant Name As Filed Franz Plasser Bahnbaumaschinen- Industriegesellschaft m.b.H. Johannesgasse 3 1010 Wien AT
asgstd Standardized Assignee Name  
asgname Original Assignee Name  
invstd Standardized Inventor Name THEURER JOSEF AT
invname Original Inventor Name THEURER, JOSEF Johannesgasse 3 1010 Wien AT
Wörgötter, Herbert Gallusberg 41 4210 Gallneukirchen AT
agtstd Standardized Agent Name  
agtname Original Agent Name  
ab_<la> Abstract in language <la>  
desc_<la> Description in language <la>  
clm_<la> Claims in language <la>  
ds Designated States AT



Copy fields (for convenience)

Field Description Source Fields
text the default field that is searched when no field is provided pn, an, pri, ic, ttl, pa, inv, ab, desc, clm
ttl all titles ttl_*
ab all abstracts ab_*
desc all descriptions desc_*
clm all claims clm_*
apl applicant aplstd, aplname
inv inventor invstd, invname
asg assignee asgstd, asgname
agt agent agtstd, agtname
cor correspondence address corstd, corname
pa applicant and assignee apl, asg



Additional Fields

Field Description Examples
pnctry Publication Country EP
pnnum Publication Number (number part only) 1162309
pnkind Publication Kind Code A1
pnlang Publication Language DE
anctry Application Country EP
annum Application Number (number part only) 01890121
ankind Application Kind Code A
anlang Application Language DE
anseries US Series Code 10
prictry Priority Country(ies) AT
prinum Priority Number(s) (number part(s) only) 43100
prikind Priority Kind Code(s) U
pridate Priority Date(s) 20000609
pcitpn Patent Citation Number(s) (full number(s); =pcit) GB-2151675-A GB 2151675 A GB2151675A
US-4596193-A US 4596193 A US4596193A
pcitpnctry Patent Citation Country(ies) GB
pcitpnnum Patent Citation Number(s) (number part(s) only) 2151675
pcitpnkind Patent Citation Kind Code(s) A
pcitsrc Patent Citation Source(s) APP SEA
pcitrel Patent Citation Category AD
ncittxt Non-Patent Citation Text  
ncitsrc Non-Patent Citation Source  
ncitrel Non-Patent Citation Category  
corstd Standardized Correspondence Address  
corname Original Correspondence Address