In collaboration with Ontotext Semantic Technology Lab, the IRF presents ExoPatent, an ontology-driven demonstration platform that enables exploration of patent documents using multiple search paradigms. This prototype uses an authoritative source of information about pharmaceuticals as a guide to searching and exposing relationships within a small corpus of patent documents.

One of the key elements of ExoPatent is its ability to use semantic information to expose linkages between documents based on the intersecting relationships between various sets of data from:

  • the FDA Orange Book,
  • the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) database of medical terms,
  • the patent bibliographic information, and
  • the specific instances of related terms in the patent documents.

Using these sources and semantic annotation, these sources helps us find elements in the patents such as diseases, drug names, body parts, references to literature and other patents, numeric values (including ranges), and other useful information.

The application is available on a platform serviced by Ontotext:


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