IRF partners in European project: Patent Language Translations Online

2010 | 05 | 07

Starting with 1 April 2010 the IRF is participating in the European Project PLuTO. The kick-off meeting was successfully held at the IRF office on 5-6 May, where in addition to the project partners, members of the European Commission and the European Patent Office (EPO) were present. The project plan for the next three years was fixed.

PLuTO will build on existing state-of-the-art machine translation tools, currently successfully used for trademarks, and adapt them to the wider area of Intellectual Property (IP) protection and to patent translations in particular. Based on the experience of the consortium members, an online machine translation system will be built, capable of assisting patent searchers with their multi-lingual information needs, much more reliably than general-purpose MT tools and much faster than human-based translations. Among the first languages to be addressed will be English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Sweden. The mixed academic and industrial PLuTO consortium, composed of Cross Language, Dublin City University, ESTeam, the IRF and WON, is particularly qualified to address the specificities of these languages.

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