R&D Projects

Work with leading IR scientists under the guidance of an independent project coordinator.


We offer to:

  • conduct and manage research projects
  • write scientific and technical reports
  • build prototypes
  • evaluate tools and systems
  • produce metadata
  • provide coaching for public funding (EU & national)
  • build and coordinate research consortia

We work with our network of leading scientists and involve the best experts to realize your project. As project coordinator, we make sure that your requirements are fulfilled and deliverables on schedule.


Why commission the IRF with an R&D project?

  • Scientific Excellence: Access the know-how of leading IR scientists 
  • Independence: Benefit from our guidance and evaluation know-how
  • Light Weight Projects: Get quicker results and lower your development costs through the adaptation of existing academic tools and open source software
  • Result Ownership: Decide for proprietary, shared or open research projects
  • Confidentiality: Early NDA agreements protect your know-how and data

Contact us

If you are interested in finding our more about our R&D Projects services, please contact office@ir-facility.org.