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Information Retrieval Training

The IRF organizes in-house trainings dedicated to the optimization of search strategies and processes to achieve business relevant search results from the Internet and other information sources.

After having gathered your requirements and company-own retrieval specificities, we adapt one or several of the standard trainings described below to create a customized training that will offer maximum  benefits for the participants.

Information Retrieval in a Nutshell

What are the mechanisms underlying information search? Which principles need to be understood to improve searching? What are the hot topics and trends? 


"Intelligent" Search in the Web 2.0 Environment

How to optimize the search for business relevant information in the Internet and other sources: Understand how search engines work and learn how to get the most out of them.


Retrieving Images from the Internet


How to improve the quality of image search results? 




The Process Factor: A Holistic Approach to the Optimization of Your Search

How to optimize your search by integrating processes, tools and human factors.