The Process Factor: A Holistic Approach to the Optimization of Your Search

How to optimize your search by integrating processes, tools and human factors.


Your team is using Web search, professional search and database management tools as part of their daily routine. How can information search be more effective and efficient? Certainly, some tools are not used to their full potential and could deliver more. But looking at the business processes and human factors around the searches is clearly necessary to achieve a sustainable optimization of your search processes.

This training helps professional information searchers improve their search activity by looking at the search process as a whole business process.
This training will:
  • Help you understand the background/algorithms of the search tools you are using.
  • Enable you to discuss with an information retrieval expert and an experienced business process manager questions like: How is your search process organized? How are pre- and postprocessing synchronized with the relevant organizational interfaces?
  • Increase the search effectiveness and efficiency of your team. The seminar will help to identify and develop recommendations on how to organize your search processes.

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