Retrieving Images from the Internet

How to improve the quality of image search results?


Retrieving text over the internet is a time consuming endeavour, but "easy" compared to the difficulties of image retrieval. This is a challenge that experts working in brand infringements, business intelligence or journalism, for example, are confronted with.

This training presents the most efficient techniques for image retrieval in the Internet.
The training is divided into a set of interactive presentations interspersed with practical sessions in which you can apply what has just been presented. The presentations will give you an understanding of the basics of Web search engines in the context of image retrieval. Techniques used by image search engines are presented in a clear and intuitive way. Understanding what is going on “behind the scenes” in an image search engine will allow you to improve your image search strategies.
The topics covered include:
  • What are the difficulties inherent to image retrieval?
  • Which features can be used to describe an image?
  • Which kind of information do Web search engines use in order to find images?
  • Which alternative information can be used?
  • Tips and tricks to improve image search results.
  • What is relevance feedback?
  • How does a computer try to recognize a specific object (e.g. dog, car) in an image?
  • Why are image search results often so unreliable?
  • How to choose the best search engine for a specific query.
  • What does the future of image search promise?

After this training, you will be able to find the images you are looking for more effectively and with a higher level of precision. You will understand how to get the maximum out of web search tools for image retrieval purposes.

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