"Intelligent" Search in the Web 2.0 Environment

How to optimize the search for business relevant information in the Internet and other sources: Understand how search engines work and learn how to get the most out of them.


The Internet is viewed as an infinite source of information, and Web 2.0 was supposed to deliver a database-like Internet from which information could be retrieved easily, correctly, consistently, transparently, repeatedly, and reliably. But, as the volume and diversity of information on Web 2.0 are growing exponentially, finding the right information becomes more and more difficult.

Enterprises use many different tools to share information (e.g. traditional databases, intranet, Web search engines, social networks, RSS feeds, data integrators). Search strategies need to be adapted to this variety of information tools.
This training gives participants theoretical, conceptual and practical knowledge of the mechanics of Web, intranet and database search engines, which will help them optimize their search.
This training will:
  • Give you insights into how search engines work and how Web 2.0 is structured.
  • Enable you to gain hands-on experience on how to tune your queries and how to use features in order to find the right information. You will also look at various search engines and learn which engine is appropriate for which kind of query.
  • Also include a Web 2.0 special: How can information from various services (e.g. social networks, blogs, RSS feeds, semantic annotation) be accessed and utilized for business intelligence purposes?

If you would like more information about this training, please contact us at office@ir-facility.org.