Information Retrieval in a Nutshell

What are the mechanisms underlying information search? Which principles need to be understood to improve searching? What are the hot topics and trends?


Understanding the foundations of search technology and positioning the cold, hot and recurring trends and topics is important to make strategic decision about which search technology to buy, to build, and to use.

This training enables users of search technologies as well as decision makers to gain competence in how to use these technologies and how to optimize the usage, installation and migration of their search infrastructure.
This training will:
  • help you understand the background/algorithms of in-house and web-based search tools and services.
  • give you insights into database-based and information retrieval-based technology. This will help you to identify where to make improvements: Optimize usage of search languages, IT infrastructure, tools and their integration, individual search tasks and collaborative search processes.
  • give you the competence to judge offers from technology vendors, and the opportunity to gain insights into the innovation pipeline.

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