Discovery Workshop

Discover cost-efficient approaches to improve retrieval processes in your organization


In this one-day workshop, one of our information retrieval experts will help you identify and prioritize the retrieval challenges in your organization, present possible approaches to address these needs and explain which concrete benefits you can expect from the implementation of specific information retrieval processes.

After the workshop, you will receive an exhaustive report with customized recommendations.

The Discovery Workshop is structured as follows: 

Information Retrieval Tutorial:

  • What is Information Retrieval science about?
  • Which challenges does this discipline try to answer?
  • Which contributions does it deliver to the business world, in particular to the industry?


Requirements Workshop:

  • Identification of data sources
  • Identification of IR relevant roles and skills
  • Identification of IR driven business processes
  • Identification of IR related infrastructure
  • Prioritization of findings


Solutions Workshop:

Presentation of potential IR use case scenarios and discussion:

  • Index: Improve accessibility of data within the whole organization
  • Annotation: Raise data quality for the whole organization
  • Classification: Reduce administration costs
  • Discovery: Speed up R&D processes
  • Expert finding: Increase the efficiency of HR processes
  • Opinion mining: Improve sales and marketing processes

If you are interested in learning more about the discovery workshop, please contact