CLEF-IP 2010 submission closed

2010 | 07 | 05

Out of 21 participants, 12 have finally submitted. There are 25 runs submitted to the Prior Art Candidate Task and 26 runs to the Classification Task. Evaluation results will be made available on July 25th.

Evaluating Information Retrieval techniques in the Intellectual Property domain

The CLEF-IP track was launched in 2009 to investigate IR techniques for patent retrieval. After a successful first year, the track continues in 2010 as a benchmarking activity at the coming CLEF 2010 conference.

The track will utilize a slightly larger data collection as in CLEF-IP'09, of patent documents derived from EPO sources, covering English, French, and German patents.

Two kinds of tasks are planned for 2010:

  • Prior Art Candidate Search Task: find patent documents that are likely to constitute prior art to a given patent application.
  • Classification Task: classify a given patent document according to the IPC.

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