CLEF-IP 2010 - Call for Participation

2010 | 03 | 05

Evaluating Information Retrieval Techniques in the Intellectual Property Domain

After an interesting and rewarding first year, the Intellectual Property evaluation campaign (CLEF-IP) continues in 2010 as a benchmarking activity of the forthcoming "Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation", CLEF 2010.


The main goals of the CLEF-IP campaign are to create a large test collection of multi-lingual European patents and to evaluate retrieval techniques in the patent domain.

This year, CLEF-IP puts to use a collection of almost 2 million patent documents in XML format with text in English, German, and French.
The track contains two tasks:

  • Prior Art Candidate Search: find patent documents that are likely to constitute prior art to a given patent application
  • Classification: classify a given patent document according to the IPC and/or ECLA classification schemes

Participants are invited to apply their favourite retrieval method and/or classifier on given sets of topics and submit their results. Relevance assessment will be done using patent citations for the first task and current patent classifications for the second task.

For more details on the campaign's timeline and organization, visit the campaign's website.

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