The 9th IRF-TUWIEN Doctoral Seminar

Date: 3rd February 2011

Location: Tech Gate Vienna Donau City Strasse, floor 9,

Seminar duration 09.30-12.00


09.30-10.30 Univ.-Prof.Mag.Dr. Gerhard Budin, Zentrum für Translationswissenschaft
der Universität Wien
(15 minutes for questions)
“Multilingual term recognition and extraction techniques - research issues,
state-of-the-art and new perspectives”

10.30.-10.45 Coffee

10.45-11.15 Bita Mesgarpour,PhD Student Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Medical University of Vienna
(10 minutes for questions)
“Search strategies to identify reports of off- label drug use”

11.25-12.00 Linda Andersson, PhD student at Vienna University of Technology, Information Retrieval Facility
(10 minutes for questions)
“Exploring Semantic Role Labeling in the patent domain”