Project KHRESMOI: First newsletter

2010 | 12 | 02

The first project newsletter has just been released. It covers the Kick-Off Meeting in October and presents multiple expectations and challenges, expressed by the representative of the European Commission, the advisory board, and the project coordinators.

Photo by Jana Machajdik

Project Kick-off meeting, 12-13 October 2010, Vienna

The Society of Physicians in Vienna welcomed the project partners in the Billroth House, which has a long standing tradition as meeting place and knowledge provider in the medical field in Austria.The public part of the kick-off meeting included presentations by the project coordinators Henning Müller and Allan Hanbury, the project officer werner Janusch, radiologist philipp peloschek, Celia Boyer of the Health on the Net foundation and Najeeb Al-Shorbaji, member of the project advisory board and representative of the WHO (World Health Organization). Henning Müller then moderated a discussion with the speakers and Franz Kainberger (Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Medical University of Vienna, AT), Georg Langs (Medical Vision Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US) and Hamish Cunningham (Computer Science Department, University of Sheffield, UK).The remaining one and a half days were devoted to defining the roles and responsibilities necessary to reach the project goals and to clarify the further course of action.

The public presentations can be downloaded at:

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